The Gate of Sosaria

Produced by: Red Dragon
Website: was The Gate of Sosaria, currently unknown

This remake of Ultima 1 is still in its infancy, although the developer has been making good progress. Having only just begun work on it, he has already implemented much of the outside world, and has also begun work on interiors. The project is, in essence, a remake of Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness, using what I believe is a custom-built engine. As can be seen from the screenshots below, the developer is using Ultima 7 graphics as a stand-in for the time being.


As the developer explains it, the story he hopes to tell begins on Earth. You, as the Stranger, encounter a gypsy and a mysterious door that appears amidst a circle of stones. Through the door, you find Britannia (Sosaria, rather). No sooner do you arrive than the castle you have arrived in is attacked by Mondain. Lord British tasks you with ridding the world of his menace, and your voyage begins.

As of 2014, Red Dragon has confirmed that the project has unfortunately been canceled.

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