Ultima 1 Revenge

Produced by: Dino the Dark Dragon
Website: Dino’s Ultima 1 Projects Page

Ultima 1 Revenge

Dino the Dark Dragon’s XNA-based reverse engineering of the Ultima 1 engine.

The Ultima 1 Save File Format

The save file format for Ultima 1.

Dino’s Ultima 1 Project (Old Files)

Old and out-of-date files from Dino’s Ultima 1 project.

Dino the Dark Dragon began reverse-engineering the Ultima 1 engine as a spare-time project in 2007. Initially, he managed to produce a basic engine for the game, as well as some documentation about the files and sites.

Since then, he has mad a lot of progress with the game, and now intends to produce a full engine for the game, in the spirit of Exult. To that end, he has released a new build of the engine, as well as updated documentation of the game’s save file format. Dino is also working on a tile viewer and map viewer, which he has been using heavily to help him understand the game’s file formats. However, at present, neither of these tools are of a quality he deems acceptable for release.

Note: Currently, the Ultima 1 Revenge engine requires the Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1 Redistributable to run, meaning that it is presently a Windows-only application. He intends, at some point, to see if he can get it working under Linux using the Mono development framework.

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